Let there be storage.


Modular aluminum cabinet

*Recessed two-point metal lock keeps valuables secure.

Standard USU Dimensions are 98” (width) 36” (deep) & 30” (height)

Height-adjustable to fit over the hood of any car and most trucks

Small Storage Container Made in USA

Proudly made in the USA

30-day money back guarantee with 1-year warranty

Adjustable legs and feet for uneven or sloped surfaces

Rustproof & weather-sealed, low-maintenance design and materials

Hydraulic door pistons for easy one-handed opening

  • Easy to follow
  • self-assembly manual

*Our two point locking system has a finite amount of combinations so we recommend customers add a padlock for added security.

The USU is available with a standard width 98.″ To ensure fitment, measure the width of your parking space from the center of both stripes, the width will need to be 98″ wide or more. There should be at least 80″ between the floor of your parking space and the ceiling above, with no overhead obstructions.

Self Assembly – Our shipper will contact you to arrange delivery of three packages, ranging in weight from 70 to 140 pounds. After delivery, two people can assemble your USU in 45 minutes or less with a crescent wrench, 1/2″ socket wrench, and level following our helpful assembly manual. Your USU unit comes packed flat and bolts easily together.

If you live in the Austin, Texas area, you can arrange for delivery and assembly by our team.