• Urban Storage Unit - Small Garage Storage for Apartments and Condos
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Practical, Convenient, Secure Storage.

Transform the wasted space above any parking spot into your own easy to access storage. Perfect for condos, apartments or home garages, the USU stores up to 1,000 pounds worth of your earthly possessions over the hood of your car. But it’s what’s on the inside that matters. That’s why the USU features a two-point keyed metal lock and modular aluminum panels that keep your belongings safe. Purchase, delivery and assembly is a snap, with a money-back guarantee, product warranty, and exceptional customer service.

Look like the neat freak you aren't.

Urban Storage Unit Mobile Self Storage Locker

Assemble and place your USU (Urban Storage Unit) in your parking space.

Small Garage Storage Unit

Fill your USU with all of the items you want to store and have easy access to.

USU - Portable Mini Storage Unit for Garages

Park underneath your USU. It fits easily over the hood of your car truck or SUV.

Think inside the box.

  • Urban Storage Unit - Personal Storage Locker for Condos
  • Modular aluminum cabinet
  • Adjustable legs and feet for uneven or sloped surfaces.
  • Height-adjustable to fit over the hood of any car and most trucks.
  • *Recessed two-point metal lock keeps valuables secure.
  • 30-day money back guarantee with 1-year warranty.
  • Easy to follow self-assembly manual.
  • Hydraulic door pistons for easy one-handed opening.
  • Standard and compact sizes available.
  • Standard Storage Box Dimensions are 98”(width) / 36”(deep) / 30”(height), see chart.
  • Rustproof and dustproof, weather-sealed, low-maintenance design and materials.
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A.
  • Visit our FAQ’s page for more information.

*Our two-point locking system has a finite amount of combinations so we recommend customers add a padlock for added security.

USU - Personal Mini Self Storage Locker for Garages
Urban Storage Unit - Modern Storage Unit for Parking Space
Self Storage for Condo Parking Garages
  • “The USU is the best purchase I’ve made this whole year. It was super easy to assemble and now it holds my holiday stuff. No more trips to the attic. I love it."– Sharon Millstone

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    Tom in Austin, Texas says: “When my wife and I decided to downsize and move to downtown Austin, we knew one of the primary issues would be storage. Not having a garage to store stuff required us to find a creative alternative, and that’s where our USU came in. It conveniently and securely holds the things we don’t want to keep in our limited closets.”

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    Roger in Austin, Texas says: “My wife and I were among your first customers about two years ago, and I have only great things to say about our USU. It’s very well built and looks and works exactly like it did the day we got it. We downsized and dumped our suburban storage unit when we moved into the condo and got our USU, so at this point we’re actually saving money. This is a great product and a good investment.”

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    Ray. C: Austin TX “Here is what I have to say about the USU: The USU is a fantastic idea! We can store things that we want near the car such as ice chests, floats, car wash materials, etc…”

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    Fran in Austin, Texas says: “The USU has helped make my life so much more efficient and organized. I never thought about using the space above my car as storage, but you figured it out for me and I’m one happy camper because of it! Thanks for making this smart, useful, good-looking and well-built product — I love it.”